My Story

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After graduating from Oberlin College in Ohio with a major in Dance and Choreography I moved to San Francisco and started a Dance Company.  A couple of years later I got injured in a dance class and instead of getting better like I always had before...I got worse until I was in constant, chronic pain.  I felt that no one could help me and I would perhaps never get better...I had fallen into the deep rabbit hole of helplessness.  I stayed there, stopped dancing and moped around until I began to learn that there were actually things I could do to make myself feel better...physical things and emotional things.  I moved to Seattle, went to the Brian Utting School of Massage (now Cortiva Institute), and freed myself of pain.  Now, 20 years after graduating from massage school, I look back on a wonderful career of facilitating healing for other people who have suffered in pain.  Every day I feel a deep sense of gratefulness to my clients who have honored me with the opportunity to work with them and learn with them.


After working with massage for a few years I began adding more tools to my tool box.  I began personal training because it became evident to me that it's often chronic weakness that causes the body to become out of balance, not just chronic tension.  In order to bring ourselves into self sustaining pain-free alignment we need to be strong, flexible and relaxed.  

The emotional component to chronic pain is an element I have been aware of since the beginning.  I believe It is impossible to separate how we feel physically and how we feel emotionally, and healing takes place in both realms.  Healing is a physical, emotional, physiological, energetic, and behavioral shift away from a pattern that's not working well toward one that works better.  Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are wonderful tools that enable me to help clients let go of trauma, and change their reactions to stress so they are able to become more aligned with who they really are.

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I believe we can only change ourselves.  That is why I consider myself first and foremost a facilitator and teacher.  It is what I do in my private practice and I love doing it in workshop settings as well.  When I teach, my goal is to provide everyone in the room the opportunity to make a change that is truly transformational.