A Call to Action

A Call To Action


It’s understandable for half of this country to feel like the world has just been rocked in a way it is impossible to understand.  This will be a time like we haven’t known, and it might be very painful.  Sometimes we don’t realize the festering of anger and pain that is happening inside us and inside our communities...but it can’t change if it’s hidden. Sometimes things need to get worse before they get better. Sometimes the status quo doesn’t hold the motivation we need to drive us to change. Our pain can’t be released and transformed and healed unless we know it’s there.


Now we know.


Now we need to heal it.


In my practice, I see pain all the time.  It has certain patterns.  It comes when we need to make a change and aren’t doing it.  It comes to teach us something about ourselves and the world around us that we need to learn. It’s hard and it’s scary and it offers us a choice of whether to be powerless to it, or to change... so we can heal.  


We are not powerless.


We need to shift in a deep and fundamental way our understanding of ourselves, our communities and what’s really important. We need to learn to love our true self and the true self of each other.  We need to embody an understanding of the global oneness of the humans on this planet.


Those of us who can teach this...the time is now.


Those of us who can embody this...the time is now.


Those of us who can learn this...the time is now.