Hi Beth

been wanting to give you feedback/ thank you regarding my shoulder.  I did follow your treatments with strengthening and am doing great, pretty much asymptomatic!  I appreciate your help and am trying to get my wife Ronda to call and see you.

I'll be sure to send some others as well

Thanks again for turning me into a believer in massage therapy

Dr. Larry Fein, Board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon 




Hi, Beth!

I am a student in the Stress Management class you were speaking at this morning. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed listening to you and learning new things.  

I must say, when you did the visual imagery on me, with my candles being shoulders and melting away, it was amazing! I text my fiance right after to tell him about it because I couldn't believe how great it felt, even for the few minutes you did it! You had mentioned that you could recommend some books or sites for references for my project. I was also going to ask if you don't mind if I use you and some of the things you talked about today in my project as well? All of course cited and referenced to you! Thanks for the great lecture! Again, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was the best guest speaker I've ever had the pleasure of listening to in any class I've ever had! Very, very interesting and so spot on with my life!




When Beth was recommended to me by a friend, I had already been through years of the  medical windmill of diagnosis and treatment with no solution to my problem.  I had extreme inflammation and pain in both shoulders, arms and neck.  The doctor's only solution was to treat the problem with pain killers, and after 14 months of continued use of high powered pain killers, I had begun to lose hope for a life with out pain, or pain killers.  I will be the first to admit that I was hesitant about the idea of going to see a massage therapist.  I thought they were more of  temporary luxury, and I could not afford that at the moment.  As a result, I put off going for about 6 months.  It was not until my doctor said "I'm not sure I can help", that I decided to give massage a try.  When I met Beth I was immediately comfortable in her care.  She listened to my story with attentiveness and compassion, asking questions, and exploring my history for over an hour,  before she commenced to work on the inflamed shoulders and neck muscles.  Through her treatments the pain gradually left.  It was shortly after coming to her that I found sleep with out pain killers, for the first time in over 14 months! Beth is not only a superb muscle therapist, but she also has a wealth of knowledge in the art of relaxation, and visualization.  After going through 14 months of chronic pain, I was a battle-worn and weary customer with extreme doubt.  She never blinked, or wavered in her goal to see me back to health.   It was through my visits with her that  I finally found out the cause of my inflammation, and I no longer live in pain.  I would say to anyone, give her a try.  You will not be disappointed.



The first massage I ever received was with Beth many years ago.  I've been a therapist myself now for nearly ten years and Beth remains one of my favorite health practitioners of all time!  She brings so much knowledge and heart to every session.  She finds a way each time, through various techniques, to bring me relief.  Most importantly, she helps me understand myself better.  I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Gwendolyn Guarino, LMT


“Beth creates a very safe and supportive environment and she is simply a wonderful person.  My husband and daughter also see her and she has supported the healing of complex emotional and/or physical conditions; including PTSD.  My teenage daughter saw Beth after each appointment with her PTSD therapist to ensure that she would get the grounding and sense of safety that she needed after particularly difficult therapy sessions.  My daughter (now 21) has given gift certificates to many of her male and female friends (including an active duty marine) and they have all felt very comfortable with Beth.  Her combined expertise in massage and athletic training has been very helpful for chronic physical conditions (hips and shoulders) that my husband and I have experienced as we are getting older.”   



When I met Ms. Novik, I suffered from poor posture which led to a number of issues affecting my body.  Ms. Novik took time to explain how systems converge and react to changes within the way we handle ourselves physically and spiritually.

After just a few sessions with Ms. Novik, my breathing became more effective, my body more relaxed and the small aches and pains disappeared.  Ms. Novik knows the inner workings of the mind and body and puts her expertise to good use in diagnosing what specifically ails you."



Your work has been so amazing for me. It is the only thing that helped
me solve my chronic back pain problem which occurred many years after
a back fusion surgery. Thanks so much for your insightful, intuitive
solution to my problem!

With much appreciation,


Beth is a rare talent. She has an uplifting, healing presence that really brings out the best in people. Beth goes beyond the “should” to the “how” of making positive life changes. She made a lasting impression on me and my staff. Working with Beth would be a worthy investment for any organization.

Meghan Riihimaki
Director, Saratoga County Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services


It’s hard to know where to begin when testifying the good things my dear friend Beth is capable of, but I guess anywhere works, because that’s just it- Beth can help you anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and for any reason.  When people ask me what my friend Beth does for a living, I usually tell them, “That’s a tough one, I’d say she is a life coach”.  It’s difficult to sum it up in one phrase.  Let’s just say, Beth can provide you therapeutic counseling while working out your body’s areas of weakness and alleviate your pain all at the same time.  Oh, and did I mention she’s an amazing wife, mother, cook, friend, and all the rest too… all of these things just make her seem that much more down to earth and approachable.  You can tell her anything, and her insanely positive energy will always lift you up when you are down.  Her words of wisdom and attitude towards life in general will stay with you, and people who talk with Beth end up using her advice in life, career and for all personal uses for many, many years.  

To put it even more simply, I feel pain- I see Beth, it goes away.  Hearing her voice gives me a sense of calm because I know the ailment is about to be evicted from me.  When I feel weak, I work out with Beth and I leave feeling stronger.  When I want some part of my body to look different, I tell Beth how and why, and she makes it happen.  But she doesn't just do it, she gives you the power and knowledge to understand why it will happen and how to make it last.  She helps you make the mind body connection you always hear about being so important, but never quite understood the concept of.  Beth will define it, map it out, and teach it to you.

They say that you should surround yourself with positive energy and people in order to live a happy life.  I say, go see my friend Beth, whatever the reason.  You will see the results.

Katie Nemer, Writer, Mother




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